Keukenhof Gardens I

(Note: Like many other popular visitor centers around the world, The Netherlands has been impacted severely in 2020 by the Covid-19 pandemic. Travel to and within The Netherlands may be challenging and difficult with varied local restrictions. Lodging, restaurants, and attractions may be closed, restricted or otherwise unavailable. Check with online travel resources and others to get the latest updates and information on travel to The Netherlands in general.)

Keukenhof Gardens, located a few miles south of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in the town of Lisse, is a floral garden that explodes with color for a few weeks each spring from March to May. The main show is the incredible variety of tulips, some 800 varieties or so, plus hyacinths, narcissus-daffodils, lilies and more. There are few other places that can match the sheer number and variety of tulips and other spring flowers of Keukenhof. No wonder that it is one of Europe’s most popular floral gardens attracting huge crowds of visitors annually. For more information on Keukenhof Gardens, see:

Photos by John Penisten

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